Western Shooting Journal is published by Media Index Publishing Group of Seattle.

We are a regionally oriented yet national-in-scope magazine for Western firearms and gun-lifestyle enthusiasts.

Published monthly, our first issue came out in spring 2012.

Our X factor? All other firearms titles on newsstands today are basic “gun review” pieces. Similar to Car & Driver, their coverage is nearly all product oriented.

On the other hand, Western Shooting Journal’s the voice of the Western shooting enthusiast. We’ll cover not only the new must-have products straight from the annual SHOT and NRA Shows, but we’ll also use our unique brand of human-interest storytelling to cover the personal side of the Western gun world, including articles on:

· Western gun culture

· The “Open Carry” movement

· Concealed-carry laws, issues and lifestyle

· Profiles on Western gun enthusiasts, gun-friendly politicians, and celebrities

· Gunsmiths, gun artists and their craft

· Stories on cowboy action shooting

· Stories on uniquely Western shooting sports ­– varmint hunting, long-range shooting, blackpowder, and more

· Stories on Western shooting events

· Western hunting, knives,  law enforcement

· Nostalgic pieces

· Stories on guns and women – the fastest growing segment of the shooting community

· Gun shows, the heart of the publication – we will cover the giant annual SHOT Show (the industry’s trade show, and 12th largest trade show in the country), the National Rifle Association convention, and all Western regional gun shows.

To contact us, call (206) 382-9220.