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POW Flag from WWII Testament to Men’s Bravery

Although Petty Officer 1st Class Denny Landrum died in 1980, the Navy electrician’s mate lives on through vibrant strokes of ...
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Smearing Snipers: What Don’t We Get about Our Warrior Elite

We should be proud of men like Chris Kyle, not skittish or ashamed About ten years ago, an employer of ...
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A New Year, A New Editor

Western Shooting Journal Welcomes Danielle Breteau As New Executive Editor Danielle Breteau is not one to be pigeonholed or boxed ...
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Green Berets Helped Rebuild Afghanistan

Michael Sullivan was training to join the Special Forces when he and his fellow soldiers had a real-world lesson to ...
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Looking Back on Afghanistan

In the rings beneath his steely eyes lies the toll of Army helicopter pilot Steven Martin’s 10 years at war ...
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From Valley Girl to High Mountain Huntress

Brittany Boddington Follows In Her Famous Father’s Footsteps There was little evidence pointing to young Brittany Boddington being the apple ...
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How to Look Like You’re in the Special Forces: Anonymous

WSJ couldn't pass this up because one of our staff member have encountered such people while in the Far East ...
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Too Old to be in the Armed Forces?

I am over 60 and the Armed Forces thinks I'm too old to track down terrorists. You can't be older ...
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Gun Rights Tips the Scale over Gun Control

According to the new Pew Research Center survey, many Americans states it's more important to protect the rights to own ...
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How a Handgun 1911 .45 Works

Ever wonder how a 1911 .45 works? Thanks to our friend Jacob O'Neal and AnimaGraffs created this infographic. The model ...
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