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ARAINDROP Environmental Manipulation Training

Graham Combat: ARAINDROP Environmental Manipulation AAR This is Nathan "Mad Duo Nate" experiences while attending Matt Graham's course on ARAINDROP ...
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TargetVision Short Range Wireless Spotting Scope

Targetvision, the leader in wireless spotting scope manufacturers, is rolling out a new short-range digital wireless spotting scope at a ...
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HSGI’s Micro Grip Belt Liner

Review: HSGI's Micro Grip Belt Panel High Speed Gear is already well known for putting out quality and innovative product ...
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Origin 12 Semi Auto Shotgun

A Take-Down Box-Fed 12ga that Handles like a Light Carbine The Origin 12 shotgun first came to my attention two ...
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Tactical Walls

We recently came across Tactical Walls from our followers in Facebook and they provide solutions to having your firearms encase ...
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ShotView Combines Google Glasses and Guns

Smart gun technology is generally met with some resistance by firearm enthusiasts. There are a few reasons for this: smart ...
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Homemade 410 Rifled 4-Barrel Staple Gun

What do you do when you have a staple gun and some spare time on your hands? Well, if you’re ...
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See All Open Sight – New Concept

The unique, single-element design means precise eye position is no longer necessary. Even if your eye is off-center with the ...
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Taurus Curve – the Gun You Wear

Light Compact 380 Taurus recently announced a new 380 pistol that’s not only dehorned and contoured to make it le ...
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How To Buy A Child’s First Shotgun

I hope that you have not forgotten what it was like to be a 10-year-old kid on Christmas morning. Now ...
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