Competition Tactics

Levitation draw: Probably not helpful for a defensive scenario.

By Shelley Sargent

The debate about whether or not competition shooting is defensive training is getting really old. It’s been hashed out a million times and the fact is people aren’t even arguing about anything anymore. They’re making the same two points back and forth at each other over and over again and just wording it differently. The actual answer is simple:

Levitation draw: Probably not helpful for a defensive scenario.

1. If you treat a defensive scenario the same way you treat a competition you’re doing it really really wrong.

2. Having experience thinking and shooting under stress is beneficial when your life is in danger.

There. Debate finished. Problem solved. Competition isn’t defensive training, it’s a game, one that will help you think, react and shoot under stress. Being able to think clearly under stress, especially in regards to your firearm, is great. You’re more likely to make smart decisions when it comes down to the wire.

Yes, you can use competition to supplement your defensive training to help you get experience thinking under stress. But at the end of the day it’s different, it’s just a game. That doesn’t negate the benefits it brings, it just makes it different than defensive training.



  1. LOVE the “levitation” draw. Too funny.

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