Family Outing

By Shelley Sargent

This weekend is Labor Day weekend, and most of us are getting ready to head out of town camping, fishing or whatever else it is we do on Labor Day weekend. There are a lot of cool matches going on nation-wide, including the CMSA South Pacific Championship, but there’s a whole different strain of shooting that gets it’s glory days this weekend.

Shooting my dad’s Browning.

Shooting with your family and friends is a long-standing traditional bonding experience that most of us gunnies can enjoy and appreciate. Personally, I’m headed down to Oregon to spend the weekend with my family and will likely sneak away from the pool to shoot some clays in the backyard.

I do a lot of shooting. Competitions, practice sessions, events… But none of it means more to me than shooting with my family. I was living in Oregon when I first picked up skeet, and my dad came down to visit and ended up purchasing his customized Browning Citori 12 gauge so we could shoot together on a regular basis. You won’t find a lot of videos and photos of my shooting shotguns, but I have spent a lot of time killing clays with my friends and family.

It’s important to have those fun days with the people you care about. Everyone enjoy your Labor Day weekend, whether your breaking clays, shooting targets or relaxing by the lake.

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