Federal Gun Bill to Ban AR-15 Lower Parts Kits – 80%

Currently, there is a new federal gun bill being considered. The bill, H.R 2910 would ban the sale and possession of 80% lower receivers on semi-auto rifles.

This loophole allows consumers to buy these parts which serial numbers is not accounted for. Consumers can now freely assemble a firearm without having to go through the full background check as if buying the full gun.

Here’s the H.R. 2910 documentation
(b) Prohibited Acts- It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer for sale, manufacture for sale, or import into the United States for sale, to a consumer–

(1) an assault weapon parts kit; or
(a) Terms- For purposes of this title–

(1) the term ‘assault weapon parts kit’ means any part or combination of parts not designed and intended for repair or replacement but designed and intended to enable a consumer who possesses all such necessary parts to assemble a semiautomatic assault weapon;

The legal definition listed above means any rifle part that would be used to assemble a rifle would become illegal.

The bill, written by Henry Waxman (D-Cal.), is in committee and has six Democratic sponsors.

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  1. GCA of 1968 (forgot the section) allows an individual to build a firearm, so long as it’s NFA compliant, for her/his personal use, I.e., the finished gun may not be transferred to another individual/entity w/o first applying identifying marks/serial numbers/characters that are of certain depth into the receiver wall (per BATFE).

  2. democrat outta california….. whoda though?

  3. Joe… incorrect. You can purchase an 80 percent lower without a background check. It is basically a paper weight. That with a CNC machine, you can finish milling it into a lower. The companies out there now selling 80 percent lowers are supposed to have a letter allowing them to from the ATF.

  4. Not for an 80% lower. It cannot be used until you’ve completed the milling process.


  5. You still have to go through the background check for the lower receiver.

    Without a lower receiver, you have no firearm.

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