Wilderness Unlimited Manages Lands Up And Down West Coast For Hunting, Other Recreation



Wilderness Unlimited is the largest manager of private property for recreational use on the West Coast. Managed correctly, these private properties can be a haven for wild game species and non-game species as well.

W.U.’s motto is “Conservation through proper utilization.” Each one of the ranches is managed as a separate entity, however, members have access to part or all of these properties depending on what type of membership they have.

Responsible members are a key component to W.U.’s success. Each potential member is interviewed before approval. Once accepted, they are expected to conform to the guidelines set for each ranch or season. Members’ interests vary from just camping and fishing to hunting of all species.


In today’s fast-paced society, it is always rewarding to spend quality time in the outdoors. W.U. stays in contact with members via its award-winning magazine and detailed member’s website. Therefore, members always know which properties to use, and how and when.

W.U. has long been a leader in conducting outdoor education and heritage programs. W.U. sponsors numerous activities during the year, from hands on fly fishing schools to big game or bird hunting clinics. Many of these programs are available to non-members as well. Sharing is probably the greatest asset of W.U.’s membership.

Annual growth has allowed W.U. to grow from just three properties in 1987 to over 100 in Oregon and California today. W.U. is poised to continue its growth.

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