Boomershoot is a long range precision rifle event with high explosives as the targets. Participants come each year from all over the country. These include travelers from California to Virginia and Alaska to Arizona. People drive 350 miles from Seattle to Orofino, Idaho just to be spectators. Why do people travel so far for a shooting event that has no winners or prizes? For some it is the High Intensity portion of the event on Friday and Saturday evening where 500 targets are detonated from 25 yards away in less than five minutes as rapidly as the smoke, dust, and flying mud clears the air to enable more targets to be seen. For others, it is the opening fireball that generates an intense blast of heat and light that threatens to ignite exposed hair. Still others attend for the hours of chest-thumping explosions as nearly a ton of explosives are consumed in the 1500 highly reactive targets. But for the hard core Boomershooters, it is the challenge and satisfaction of connecting with the ground shaking reactive targets barely spanning one minute of angle at 375 to 700 yards away. That is more than enough reward.

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