First Look: The Advantage Tactical Firefly Sight

By Richard Nasef, President, Advantage Tactical

Here’s the first glimpse of the Advantage Tactical Firefly sight. It sports the best glow times in the industry, not only because of the most recent innovations in the glow material itself, but because of the method of manufacture as well. They will be available in complete packages of two and eventually three individual colors. With one package, ATS owners will be able to add this night sight technology to at least two of their Advantage Tactical Sight systems.

As you can see, the Firefly is bare on all sides so as to provide the largest glow area. We did experiment with glow material positioned on the pentagon portion of the front sight only. However, we found a distinct difference between the larger glow area when compared to the smaller glow area of the pentagon portion. The larger area was visible longer as the charge diminished. We are not worried about the stealth aspects of this larger glow area as any night sight can be seen in darkness. The only other concern was how the lack of our usual pentagon area would affect sight alignment in slow and rapid fire. As it turns out, there was no difference in either rapid or slow long distance fire. The angled sides of the front sight align just as quickly with the angled sides of the rear sight to complete a perfect pyramid. The unneeded portions of the front sight hide behind the rear sight to form the usual ATS sight picture, just as if the pentagon area were
still part of the front sight pattern.

The best part of all is that the Firefly exhibits the most extraordinary glow times. The following are functional tactical glow times that we have experienced, when viewing the Firefly from behind a firearm at an almost 180° angle. I say functional because the Firefly will exhibit glow for over 20 hours when viewed at a 90° angle:

  • 2 hr.15 min with 10 sec. exposure to a 90 lumen tactical light;
  • 3 1/2 hours with 30 sec. of 90 lumen light;
  • 7 hours of glow time with 90 seconds of sunlight.

In addition, if you just hit your Firefly with a few seconds of a charging light, it will remain glowing for the duration of most tactical situations. Also, and very important, exposure to ambient light will charge the Firefly for short durations of time. For example, when walking through your lighted kitchen into a dark hallway, the overhead kitchen lighting will charge the Firefly enough for tactical purposes in the darkened hallway. If you are a police officer who presents a weapon in the line of duty, that presentation alone will often charge the Firefly, given some ambient exposure from the sun or artificial light sources.

When my wife and I went out for the evening, I charged my Firefly with 90 seconds of tactical lighting and the glow lasted until I returned home. If you ever are in an outdoor recreational shooting situation, the Firefly will glow for many, many hours after your shooting session. In addition, the Firefly once charged will almost instantaneously re-charge with a short exposure to light. You may want to try our Firefly, regardless of Firefly color choice, with our white rear sight insert. Our white insert can be seen in almost total darkness. When combined with a Firefly front sight, one gets a glowing front sight dominant pyramid sight picture, in all but total darkness. Should the environment be pitch black, of course the glow front sight would still be an option.

The Firefly glow material will outlast the purchaser. It will last for decades and many times beyond the half-life of tritium inserts. I have toy a dinosaur that I acquired over 22 years ago that was made with the glow technology of that era. It still glows when exposed to sunlight. For the market-testing run of the Firefly, we are likely to offer it in two colors. A third color will be added at a later date. The price will be $30 for a package of two differently colored Fireflies when purchased with an ATS sight set, and $35 when purchased separately. We have yet to choose the final colors, though green and orange are the front runners at this time. Color choices will largely depend on the ability of the considered colors to exhibit glow strength.

Shipping on the Firefly will begin in November 2012. For more information visit


  1. Are advantage Fire fly sights made of plastic?

  2. Please let me know when firefly is available

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