Redring to sponsor Patrick Flanigan

Press Release: Redring Shotgun Sight

Redring is the best shotgun sight available and represents the future of shotgun shooting. When the opportunity came to sponsor Patrick Flanigan, it was an obvious choice to work with someone that is recognized as one of the best shotgun shooters in the world today. Patrick Flanigan is innovative and respected and he understands many of the challenges associated with a correct shotgun shooting. We are proud that he chose Redring as his new shotgun sight partner and we are looking forward to working together.

Patrick Flanigan

Patrick is currently an eight-time world record holder in Xtreme Sport Shooting and at the very top of the exhibition shooting circuit. Patrick performs dozens of live Xtreme Sport Shooting shows a year and is also the star of numerous television programs such as “Hot Shots” on NBC Sports, “Impossible Shots” on the Outdoor Channel, and Patrick Flanigan’s own “Shell Shocked” on The Sportsman’s Channel. Patrick has also been featured in hundreds of publications including “Outdoor Life”, NRA’s “ In-Sights”, “Pheasants Forever”,” Ducks Unlimited”, and many, many more.

Patrick’s intense desire to see the shooting sports better recognized as a professional sport and his continuous efforts to educate, promote and evolve the shooting sports has made Patrick’s live & filmed shows some of the best outdoors entertainment today. Patrick is soon going to launch a new TV show on a major network, coming the fall 2012.

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Redring – the Shotgun Sight

The Redring optical shotgun sight is custom designed for shotgun shooting. The Redring technology evolves from hunting practice and is designed for active hunters and serious sport shooters. This technology will help the shooter aim more accurately whether a beginner or a professional. What the ring frames, that’s where the burst hits! Result – more fun and more reliable hunting.

Completely independent from any of the shooter’s eye dominance, the shooter keeps both eyes open when shooting. This is a huge advantage for optimum situational perception and fast target acquisition.

The optics, which are the essence of the Redring product, ensure parallax-free shooting. The light-measurement system adapts to background light and thereby adjusts the intensity of the red ring so that there is never a risk of blinding the shooter. The size of the ring also works as a distance indicator and helps you decide when it is right to pull that trigger.

Redring can be mounted quickly on all common shotguns as well as self-loading shotguns with a rib/rail width of 5 to 11.5 mm (0.2″ to 0.5″). Zeroing/calibration are not necessary since the sight follows the rib/rail.

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