Gun Stock Art by Professional Artist Mark Larson

Mark Larson Gun Stock Art


Mark Larson Gun Stock Art

Anyone who has spent time collecting guns has run into his or her dream gun, only to find that the stock is too short. Or, perhaps you’ve purchased a new gun only to find that the wood is less spectacular than you had hoped. What can you do?

Call Mark Larson.

Larson is a longtime professional artist who has combined his love of fine art with his love of guns. In the process, he discovered an alchemy that has thrilled gun owners for years. Indeed, Larson is one of the only artists in America offering this unique and exacting blend of technical proficiency and creativity. His work has appeared in several magazines and is gaining widespread recognition. He is best known for his grain enhancements and extension blending, but he also does custom artwork (your imagination is the only limit), repairs, alterations (removing cheek pieces and the like), and refinishing.

To discuss your next project, call Mark at (253) 241-8190, and visit his gun art web site at His contemporary paintings can also be viewed at


  1. i have been doing this kind art carving on guns sence i was a kid about 16 and today im 55 and to this day i still carve them but i only use my pocket knife i have alot of different things i have made from carving guns and stocks to hunting knifes and box turkey callers i didnt know there was money in making these things i have just been doing it for years for friends and family if you would like your welcome to add me on face book as a friend and look at a few of the things i have made lately it isnt as good a work as you do but like i said i use a pocket knife even when i carve on the bone and deer horn it just takes a little longer well thank you for your time i enjoyed your work

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