Redring Shotgun Sight

By Shelley Sargent

I don’t get really worked up over optics. It’s just not my thing. I even shot my AR with iron sights for a few years before someone finally gave me an RMR and I caved and decided to use it.

When we were down at the Shooting Sports Fair at Raahauge Shooting Enterprises, though, I had the chance to try something that really left a lasting impression: the Redring Shotgun Sight. Shooting clay is pretty instinctual, and it’s something I’ve done long enough that once I get in the swing of things I do pretty well, unless I get in my own head. The Redring monopolizes on that instinct, allowing the shooter to still focus on the target while giving them a reflex sight to ensure accuracy.

While the Redring certainly has applications in the hunting and home defense world, what really caught my interest was it’s potential as a training device. For trainers, being able to reference points on the ring for students could be a beneficial tool to get new shooters used to leading and timing. And again, because the sight is a red ring rather than a regular optic, it doesn’t cover up the target, so the shooter’s focus is still on the proper point.

The ring is also sized to be the same as a group from a quarter choke barrel at 20 meters, which is an interesting thing to be able to visualize so easily. The sight is also helpful for realizing the distance of the shot you’re about to take, giving a point of reference for the actual size and distance of whatever object you’re looking it.

I do have to make an admission about the Redring though, since they just started importing the sight it’s expensive. With an MSRP of $899.99 and difficult to find anywhere but straight from Redring the sight is going to start it’s life as a tool for the truly dedicated enthusiast.

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