Anti Gun Groups Mobilizing in Colorado

Voters in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas will have an opportunity to vote YES to recall anti-gun state Senators, John Morse (D-11) and Angela Giron (D-3).

Anti-gun proponents are mobilizing to keep the restrictions on Colorado citizens.

The gun control group headed up by Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords sent this message:

“In less than three weeks, the results of the NRA-backed recall elections in Colorado could determine whether other states, and even Congress, take up legislation to reduce gun violence.”

“Opponents of background checks have said recalling these two State Senators will create a “a wave of fear that runs across every state legislator across the country.”

Television ads are on the air to urge Coloradan to vote NO on the recall.

2 thoughts on “Anti Gun Groups Mobilizing in Colorado

  1. If i was living in that area i would vote yes on the recall, not only because of their anti gun stance but also because i believe we need some one to represent us who knows that we have to pay bills and live which we can not do with everything shut down.

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