By Chris Willden

Sitting here at my desk I began thinking about one word and the definition of that word.  WARRIOR.

We hear that word a lot now a days, especially in the firearms industry.  But what IS a Warrior?  Thesarus.com gives the definition as: “Person who fights in combat”.  Everyday I can look out my window and see individuals who fall under this word.  I see them in Uniforms, some with weapons and some without.  Some with gas masks and MOP gear on as they go about their daily duties while conducting an exercise.

But is the Warrior limited to someone in uniform?  In the definition, it doesn’t say anything about one who is in police or military service…  So I looked at a key word in that definition: “Combat”.  The definition is very simple.  It is “Battle”.  Now you hear from time to time in the main stream media about individuals, Citizens that have had to use a weapon to save themselves or others.  Sometimes firearms are used and discharged, other times edged weapons are used.  But citizens, ordinary people are forced to battle.  So does this make them Warriors?

Here in my home state of Utah I watch the news and lately see stories about homeowners being forced to use deadly force to protect their family from an individual who tried to kidnap them and force them to drive to an ATM and withdrawal money.

There was a second story about an individual with a concealed firearms permit who held an individual at gun point in the parking lot of a grocery store after the bad guy had stabbed two people.  Are they warriors?
What is a warrior to me?  A Warrior is someone who will fight the good fight.  Someone who trains regularly in their art be it firearms, edged weapons, hand to hand, medical instruments or even words.  A Warrior is someone who fights for the Constitution, who stands up against bullies to protect themselves or others, A young child who says NO to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  A medical professional in the field on the ambulance or in the Medivac who does battle with the Grim Reaper to keep someone alive to see their family again.  To me, these are all Warriors!

Being a Warrior isn’t about the latest and greatest piece of gear or equipment.  You can argue the point about only people in Uniform being Warriors, but look at how often good citizens triumph over evil and come out victorious.  Are you a Warrior?  Do you train? Do you fight the good fight?  Do you do what’s right, even though others are against it?  Step back and look at yourself.  Set your sights on becoming a Warrior!  You never know when the time will call you into “Battle”!

Stay low, stay safe.


  1. Well said, Buddy!

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