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Turner’s Shooting Sports Fair at Raahauge: Day 1

Yesterday was the set up day at Raahauge, which for the Western Shooting Journal crew meant a plane flight to California and a day running around in the hot sun.

Raahauge's Shooting Enterprises

The facilities at Raahauge are vast at quite beautiful. They have facilities for every shooting discipline I can think of and some that I’m sure I can’t. The little area in which the Sports Fair booths are set up seems to be just the tip of a very large ice berg. All through set up you could hear different guns firing in the background. “Shotgun, shotgun, rifle, shotgun, pistol, rifle, well that was fast.”

There was a vast array of booths set up from a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers. While the manufacturers were set up in one specific area with some steel targets set up in front of them the vendors sometimes had “Training Stations” and skeet throwers. There was even one ambitious paintball stand set up.

The fair itself starts today and I don’t think the concept of “boring” has crossed anyone’s mind. For those of you who will be there be sure to drop by the California Sportsman/Western Shooting Journal booth and say “Hi”, for those of you who can’t attend keep checking the website and Facebook page¬†for updates!

– Shelley Rae

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